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black lives matter. defund police. abolish mpd. wear a fucking mask.

will boost cats.

work in progress. animal lover. systems admin/engineer. web developer. vegan. always striving to be better.

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2020/08/09 5:26:19 AM UTC

There’s a lot of unanswered questions surrounding that whole situation.

2020/08/09 5:25:56 AM UTC

Just went on an adventure to find my phone.

Lasted about 10 minutes.

Found my phone in the mini fridge.

2020/08/08 11:18:28 PM UTC

Reposting on this account, here is a sticker design that is free to use, cc0, public domain, all that junk. Circular label paper should work just fine.

Black circle that says "Wear a Damn Mask!!"

2020/08/08 8:52:36 PM UTC

@anarchiv it’s about that here, too.

I don’t mind the heat. It’s the humidity that gets me.

2020/08/08 8:48:02 PM UTC

@anarchiv I used to work outside and it’s incredibly wild to think that I just drank a gallon of water but sweated the entire gallon out. No restroom required.

2020/08/08 8:46:47 PM UTC

Currently not sure if I let my housemates cat loose

2020/08/08 7:48:06 PM UTC

@mdszy so I saw a state patrol vehicle burned *across the street from me*.

That shits HOT.

2020/08/08 7:46:34 PM UTC

@anarchiv this reminds me it’s time to do laundry. Maybe I’ll wait till Monday.

2020/08/08 7:44:49 PM UTC

@anarchiv that’s what I do, too. Hasn’t failed me yet!

2020/08/08 7:43:10 PM UTC

@anarchiv my dads biggest worry when I moved out was I didn’t know how to do laundry.

2020/08/08 3:13:15 PM UTC

@bclindner i read this as if “fuck” was in caps